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Why Hire?

If you’ve been wondering about whether or not to hire a piece of equipment, we’re here to set your mind at at rest—hiring equipment is not only super easy, it will make your life easier and save you money to boot.

Here at CAPS Hire, we have compiled a list of the top reasons why you should hire today:

It Saves You Money
It goes without saying that equipment can cost a fortune. While sometimes it is worth the investment, it doesn’t make good financial sense to buy something if you are only going to need it once or twice. Hiring equipment will only cost you a tiny fraction of the price of buying and you don’t have to worry about maintaining, repairing, storing, or registering it.

Meet Peak Demands Without Breaking the Bank
If you need to add to your existing fleet during times of peak demand, hiring is a cost effective way of getting the job done.

Get The Best Equipment
We can’t all afford to buy premium brands, so it’s fortunate that CAPS Hire has made the investment on your behalf. We only stock the best brands on the market, including Airman, Kohler, Ingersoll Rand, Kubota, Hitachi, Kanga, Allmand, Toyota, CAT and more.

Try Before You Buy
We’ve all experienced buyers remorse after discovering that something we’ve purchased isn’t quite what we wanted or needed. Oftentimes, we don’t really know what we want (or don’t want) until we’ve tried it. Given that purchasing equipment can be a sizable investment, it’s wise to try before you buy. Hiring the equipment will let you truly give it a thorough test run so you can make an informed decision.

Get the Right Equipment for the Job
Very few of us have the expertise to know exactly what equipment is best suited to a particular task. Never fear—our expert team know their stuff and will be more than happy to help you make the right decision for your specific requirements.

Jobs Go from Impossible to Done
Jobs can sometimes seem overwhelming in scale but you might surprise yourself how easy they become once you have the right equipment for the job.

It’s Tax Deductible for Businesses
Need we say more? We’ll ensure you are provided with the appropriate accounting information to make your paperwork easy.

Equipment You Can Trust
CAPS Hire don’t do cheap and nasty. We are constantly upgrading and adding to our huge range to provide you with the most reliable equipment on the market. We stock only leading brands that are renowned for their reliability and performance—add in our rigorous cleaning, servicing and testing routine and you can rest assured that the equipment you hire is fit for the job.

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