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10 Handy DIY Tips – Tip 7 Saved Me Hours!

The seasons are shifting and many of us are starting to think about what odd jobs need to be done around the house and backyard.

Before embarking on any renovations or DIY jobs, it’s crucial that you sit down and prep up for what’s ahead – you want to make sure that your budget and safety are top priority. It’s also helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve – potentially saving you time, money and frustration.

The team at CAPS Hire have put together a list of handy tips and useful advice to make your next DIY project more of a dream than a disaster.

1. Expect the unexpected.

Termites, water damage, equipment faults – it happens! Have the patience to work through these issues and add 10 to 15 percent to you budget for surprises. 

2. Sand the face of your hammer head.

This will help the hammer grip the nail and prevent the nail head from slipping.


3. Download DIY apps.

It’s the age of the smartphone and the good news for DIYers is that there is an app for just about everything. Whether you’re looking for DIY project and fix-it guides, handy calculators and materials estimation, colour matching for a painting project, or even just clever design ideas and inspiration, you’ll be sure to find an app to match.

4. Don’t attempt electrical or plumbing projects you aren’t qualified for or confident with.

They often cost more to repair later and can be dangerous.

5. Place masking tape on the surface when drilling though ceramic tile or natural stone.

This makes marking the tile easier and helps the drill bit stay in one place.


6. Use baby oil to remove paint from your skin.

Easy and safe. Turpentine can irritate the skin.

7. Tint your primer.

When painting a surface that needs to be primed – new drywall or wood – tint the primer to match the finish coat, reducing your painting project from three coats to two.

8. Don’t throw out old paint rollers.

If you have a paint roller that’s too dirty to use anymore, use it to clean the gutters on your house. Using an extended handle, slide it along the gutter to remove the debris and leaves.

9. Between coats, tightly wrap paint rollers and brushes in a plastic cling film. 

Doing so keeps them full of paint and prevents them from drying out. You’ll save both time and water not having to wash them after every coat.

10. If you accidentally ding a piece of wood, don’t worry!

Use a wet cloth or paper towel and a clothes iron to steam out the dent.




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